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1. What does {insert product here} taste like? 
Short Answer: The following products have a savory taste and go best with savory food: Ol' Reliable, Taco Tuesday, Let’s Get Spicy, Oh So Cheesy, Mellow Yellow Mild Sauce, and Green Goblin Hot Sauce (coming soon).

The following products are sweet and are recommended for sweet (or even salty) dishes: Field of Roses Syrup.

Long Answer: The descriptions under each product are made to give some insight on what each product will go best with. Products that are “self-explanatory” so to speak (ex. Oh So Cheesy tastes like cheese and Let’s Get Spicy makes your food spicier) have descriptions that are more recommendation based while products that are made to have distinct unique flavors (Ol’ Reliable and Field of Roses Syrup to name a few) describe the blend of the ingredients. In order to navigate the taste of each product, pay close attention to the description given to a product, the ingredient list, and the foods product is recommended with. 


2. Are you coming out with more flavors of sauces and spices?

Short Answer: Yes, eventually. New releases of sauces and spices will come as the seasons change and as we hit more milestones.  

Long Answer: Coming up with the recipes and flavors for the six products that are available now took a while in that process is to be repeated for all other spices. Some new releases will be put out to stay on the website while others will be limited edition releases for specific holidays and celebrations. Naturally, as the site begins to grow and more products get created things like bundle boxes, sizing, bottle shapes and even color schemes will go through some changes. The ultimate goal is to keep everything fresh and exciting while still maintaining the integrity of all the products on the site.


3. How are products packaged?

Smaller packages (<4 products) are put in our red mesh bags with all the items purchased and the packing slip which is all placed in a jet black bubble mailer. Bigger packages (bundle boxes or >4 products) are placed in appropriately sized boxes and bubble wrapped or covered in packing peanuts. 

Each package comes with a special thank you card that discounts your next purchase!


3. Why do the seasonings clump sometimes and how to I fix it?

Short Answer: Excess exposure to moisture and long periods of time without use and shaking can cause the fine powders of the seasonings to clump together in the confined space of the bottle. Saniyah's Spices is now including the natural caking agent into the spices but even with that, still make sure to shake your spice bottles before and after use, keep in cool locations [temperatures over 70 degrees F/ 21 degrees C], and don't expose it to too much moisture.

Long Answer: There are two main reasons. 1) Lots of the ingredients in the seasonings such as paprika, garlic and onion powder, and celery seed powder are fine in texture and clump easily when exposed to moisture and hot environments  [temperatures over 70 degrees F/ 21 degrees C]. Avoid shaking spices over boiling pots and pans because doing so, exposes the product to excess moisture. 2) In a way, these spices are like juice. (I know it's a weird analogy but hear me out) You have to shake them around every so often so the ingredients don't settle. 

While there are many common anti-caking agents such as tricalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, sodium cellulose, and even salt that are used in spices, a lot of these common anti-caking agents can be compromising to your health if consumed in excess. Although taking the route of using common anti-caking agents can be an easy way out, it would severely compromise the integrity of Saniyah's Spices. Therefore, Saniyah's Spices is now including the natural anti-caking agent made from organic rice hulls as well as replacing as many powdered ingredients like garlic and onion with granulated versions as possible.

All consumers of the spices should still take care for their spices appropriately because excess moisture and lack of use can still cause clumping even with natural anti-caking agents.


4. How do I care for my products?

Shake your spice bottles before and after use, keep in cool locations [temperatures over 70 degrees F/ 21 degrees C], and don't expose it to too much moisture. The spices should be good for 18 months after purchase unless otherwise stated.

Keep your sauces refrigerated to maximize its life. Close entirely and clean the opening of the bottle with a damp towel or cloth. The sweet syrups should be good for 1 year after purchase unless otherwise stated. The savory sauces should be good for 6 months after purchase unless otherwise stated.